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Help advice and representation on scottish High Hedges law

The new scottish High Hedges law says that parties in a perceived high hedge dispute must take all reasonable steps to resolve matters between them before resorting to formal action. This can save on High Hedges Act application fees; on the other hand, without the considerable technical input (that a Council would only provide after a formal application) that may be needed to determine a reasonable outcome, the parties may not know where they stand. And if the formal process is started, parties may need help, advice or representation, particularly if they decide to lodge an appeal. I can, for either party in a dispute, -


• Measure, inspect and record vegetation, property sizes and light intensities to help with discussions or an application and assess whether a row of boundary trees or shrubs is a 'hedge'.


Give formal written opinion of the likely outcome of an application (possibly cheaper than applying)


• Represent parties in negotiating, agreeing and documenting  the terms of a voluntary high hedge management agreement.


• Act as mediator for both parties in seeking a mutually acceptable non-confrontational outcome


• Make a formal application to the Council on behalf of a complainant, or a formal response on behalf of a hedge owner (failure to do either of these properly could damage the case for appeal).


• Pursue appeal to the Scottish Ministers for inappropriate decisions on formal applications.


• Procure, supervise and monitor hedge work arising from high hedge action notices or voluntary agreements.


All these services are backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance and all the necessary equipment for measuring, calculating and mapping illuminance, daylighting factors and for accurately measuring heights, site areas and slopes.

"Little lines of sportive wood run wild" - Wordsworth on Hedgerows