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Help advice and representation on scottish High Hedges law

Fundamentally the right to pursue reduction of a neighbour's hedge or (if you are that neighbour) to resist or minimise reduction arises from the High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013, see here


The amount of light needed for the reasonable enjoyment of property is not defined by the Act, and it may be difficult to relate the Act to guidance used in other countries. That said, it is likely to rely initially and partly on the British Standard BS 8206 Part 2,  2008, see here


Methods of measurement and further criteria that may have to be relied upon with adaptation for the scottish context might be found within the Building Research Establishment publication "Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight" 2011, see here                         and search for bookshop.


Unfortunately the British Standard and Building Research Estabishment publications are copyright and I cannot provide copies or reproduce them here.


Guidance is now available for the scottish legislation, see here               , bizarrely listed under Public Safety. However, it should be noted that it completely avoids the issue of deciduous trees, and is aimed only at local authorities, not at the public. My previous (version 2) critique of where this leaves Scotland in terms of guidance and reliance on the english guidance                         is superseded but is still available here                                                   . Version 3 is complete and is very thorough, if you want a copy email me and I will send it. I have concluded tha thte english guidance cannot be safely used in Scotland because of latitude and climate, legislative differences, government policy and several other aspects and revisals of the British Standard.


My list of current application fees (by Council area) here  ...


A number of appeals (including by me) are progressing and can be seen at the Planning Inspectorate's website here ...

"Little lines of sportive wood run wild" - Wordsworth on Hedgerows

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